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“What matters is not your outward appearance. . . but your inner disposition. Cultivate inner beauty, the gentle gracious kind that God delights in.” -San Pedro

November 29, 2021

Nov 28th, 2021 Bulletin & News

The 1st Sunday of Advent: Luke 21:25-36 Advent is a season of hope and expectation. We are invited to prepare joyfully for the coming of Christ. He comes in history (his conception and birth), in mystery (through the sacraments, and…
November 16, 2021

Nov 21st, 2021 Bulletin & News

Celebrating the Feast of Christ the King: John 18:33-37 Established in the 20th century — this feast is designed to give special recognition to the dominion Christ our Lord has over all aspects of our lives. But why and how…
October 26, 2021

Oct 31st, 2021 Bulletin & News

The 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time: Mark 12:28-34 All who debated with Jesus that day knew God’s law. The Pharisees certainly did. They were the teachers of Israel. The Sadducees knew it as well—at least well enough to know what…
October 19, 2021

Oct 24th, 2021 Bulletin & News

The 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Mark 10:46-52 In the final verse, Jesus names faith as what impels Bartimaeus. The rest of the story shows us what that faith is. Bartimaeus’s faith is not about reciting the correct confession or…
October 12, 2021

Oct 17th, 2021 Bulletin & News

The 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Mark 10:35-45 James and John are not the only disciples enticed by visions of a triumphant reign, for the rest of the Twelve fume over the brothers’ bid to outflank them in prominence. Jesus…
October 5, 2021

Oct 10th, 2021 Bulletin & News

Join the Bishop for the Opening of Pregnancy Solutions! Great news! Bishop Dewane will be joining us for the open house at Pregnancy Solutions’ new Port Charlotte office on Wednesday, October 13, from 9:00 to 10:00am. You’re invited! Please plan…
September 28, 2021

Oct 3rd, 2021 Bulletin & News

The 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Mark 10:2-16 Jesus’ teaching on marriage, and the inadmissability of divorce may be a joyful message to those who receive from God the wonderful gift of marital union but a source of anguish for…
September 14, 2021

Sep 19th, 2021 Bulletin & News

The 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Mark 9:30-37 Throughout Mark’s Gospel, the disciples remain at about the same level of understanding, or lack thereof. It was partly because they were afraid to ask. But I think it was partly because…