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June 12th, 2022 Bulletin & News


Holy Trinity Sunday: John 16:12-15

Each one of us must, at some point, come face to face with the truth. To do this we need to identify and distance ourselves from the impulses and addictions that drive our attitudes and actions. We are not left to tackle this most difficult of tasks on our own.

Through the Spirit of truth, Jesus continues to speak to us. But he can only help us if we seek that help. What particular grace will I ask from the Spirit today? Once again Jesus reminds his disciples that everything they are learning comes originally from the Father through the Son and from the Son through the Spirit. These are not three separate revelations but one message that emanates from each one successively.

We too, as church, as communities, as individuals need the constant guidance of the Spirit that we may remain faithful to the truth that is given us and be always open to understanding it more deeply so that we can pass it on to others with full integrity.

I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth. This is our experience, that we need time to understand what Jesus said, for it is often not a question of theoretical knowledge, but of things of the heart: the meaning of love, of suffering, the presence of God in my life and in that of the others, the Church. So many things that the Spirit guides me so gently to understand. I repeat my prayer to be open to the Spirit and to his gentle presence.

In this passage Jesus speaks once more of the unique relationship there exists between the Father, the Son and the Spirit, the great mystery of the Trinity. Three persons, who share everything, even the divinity, so that there is only one God. I worship God, whose mystery is too big for me to understand, yet it is even more mysteriously open to me, sharing its life and truth with me.

Here is Jesus, nearing his own death, and he is pouring out the depth of his love for his followers. He spoke these words at the Last Supper, as he gathered with his disciples, sharing life with them. His words and actions comforted and strengthened them in ways that only the Holy Spirit might help them to understand.

If you have had the experience of being with someone you loved as they are close to death, then you will know how significant what they have to say to you will be. Perhaps you will remember their words, how they said them and some of the emotions that you had in that precious time.

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