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Oct 9th & 16th, 2022 Bulletin & News

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The Heroes of the Hurricane

“If we have died with him, we shall also live with him; if we persevere we shall also reign with him.” (2 Timothy 2:12)

Throughout this past week, so many have endured great suffering and loss. The scope of that loss will become more apparent with the passing of time, as the initial news and attention gives way to the ongoing work of recovery and restoration.

Paul’s words to Timothy in today’s second reading are an encouragement to persevere with Christ, who has drawn near to us to share in our suffering – even death itself – in order to share with us the fullness of God’s life.

Alongside great need, there has been a great outpouring of generosity and support. Neighbors have reached out to neighbors, sharing whatever they have. Strangers have come from near and far to offer help. And day by day, supplies have arrived and been distributed in often surprising ways.

Jesus taught us to pray for our daily bread, because he accompanies us through each day. God doesn’t drop off a care package for the month and go away. He comes to us with what we need, and as our needs change over time, God invites us to turn to him – with persevering prayer – and to seek the bread we need today.

It has been amazing to see so many organizations working alongside one another to help the people of North Port this past week. From the Sarasota County bus drivers and emergency management workers to the North Port Police and Fire and Rescue, to the National Guard and Catholic Charities and many others – each organization has stepped up to bring their expertise and resources to help those in need.

As that need shifts, so does the deployment of those resources. While many others continue their mission elsewhere, Catholic Charities continues to coordinate assistance efforts here at San Pedro and other locations throughout the Diocese of Venice.

Like Christ, we are here to carry one another’s burdens, to persevere with one another through these difficult times still to come. Even in the face of death, we stand together to offer company and consolation, and the hope of the resurrection to come – the fullness of life with God beyond this earthly life.

With Christ, we die and rise to life. With Christ, we persevere. Thank you to all who have been such great support and help through this first week. You have our abiding gratitude and prayers. And thanks to all who will continue to persevere through the coming months and years. May all come to know God’s abiding presence, as we continue to ask for our daily bread from our good God who remains and abides with us in Jesus Christ.

-Fr. Tom

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