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Dec 12th, 2021 Bulletin & News

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The 3rd Sunday of Advent: Luke 3:10-18

As Christians, whether lay persons, religious or priests we are called to bring people face to face with Jesus and also to a conversion that brings a real joy and happiness into their lives. Jesus needs our co-operation in this mission. Jesus works through parents, teachers, ministers etc., everyone who has a call to form others. Take time to consider the question “how can I co-operate in the mission of Jesus today?”

John the Baptist lived a life of passionate commitment. His passion for justice and honesty spoke to the hearts of the crowds, tax-collectors and soldiers. His own austerity had the ring of authenticity. It evoked a question from them: what should we do”? He responded with directness and clarity: Don’t cheat, share your surplus, don’t exploit people.

At this mid-point of Advent I ask myself today, what must I do to follow you with wholehearted commitment? What is my reaction to John’s words? Does it lead me to want to live a life of justice and integrity?

What must I do to prepare to meet the Messiah?For all the austerity of his life, John spoke to people in words they could grasp. It was his austerity that drew people’s respect and trust. Here was a man who cared nothing for comfort, money or fame, who could not be bought, and who could speak the truth without fear.

Preparing the way for the Messiah is not simply a matter of belonging to the Jewish nation, John insists, but comes about through repentance, through changing the way one thinks and changing one’s lifestyle. John gives some practical examples. People should share clothing and food with those who have none as basic expressions of faith. To tax collectors he says, “Collect no more than the amount prescribed for you.” Soldiers also ask him, “And we, what should we do?” John replies, “Do not extort money from anyone with threats or false accusations, and be satisfied with your wages.”

What does my lifestyle say about my faith in Christ? Do I hoard or share what I have with others, especially those who are poor and on the margins of society?

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