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Easter Sunday 2022 Bulletin & News

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Easter Sunday: Jonn 20:1-9

I keep in my prayer today all who are waiting, thinking of people who await decisions, refugees, prisoners, patients. I review my own capacity to wait, recognising what it costs me, humbly asking God for what I need. The followers of Jesus did everything they could to show him honor and respect. They recognized the limits of what they could do and rested, quietly waiting, hopefully trusting. I take this ‘Tomb Day” as time for me to know how to rest and trust when I have done all that is right for me to do.

The tomb was empty and, for the faithful ones, this was a sign of new life. Some would remember Jesus saying he would rise from death. Others would feel down, cheated or just lost. It is the same with ourselves: the tough times of life can bring us close to God, or distance us; suffering can make us better people, or make us bitter and isolated. We may feel a bit of both at times. The empty tomb is the message that nothing is final in this life, not even death. God’s love is stronger than any human power, violence or cruelty. Love conquers all.

It is the ‘first day of the week’. Mary Magdalene is the first witness of an event which marks not just the beginning of a new week but the transformation of human history. But ‘it is still dark’ and she does not yet understand what has happened. I ponder the mystery.

Peter and the other disciple, who had stood faithfully beneath the cross, run to the tomb. The other disciple saw and believed. Peter, whose last recorded action was to deny Jesus, still does not believe. What blocks me from fuller faith?
When Jesus raised Lazarus, Lazarus had to be freed from his grave-clothes. Jesus’ grave-clothes are rolled up and lying on the side, a reflection of his mastery over death. I stand in the doorway beside the entrance and stare into that empty tomb. Do I grasp the difference between this resurrection and that of Lazarus?

Mary was first to announce the resurrection, the first to receive the encouragement and hope that the risen Jesus offers. Others are remembered for promoting the message, for proclaiming the new truth. I take some time with Mary asking her to guide me as I wait; I pray that I may notice and take heart as I see signs of resurrection in my life.

Even at this marvellous moment, those who had been closest to Jesus did not understand the scriptures. I ask God to help me this Easter; that I may recognise where the scriptures are coming to life as I am guided by the spirit of God.

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