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May 2nd, 2021 Bulletin & News

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5th Sunday of Easter John 15:1-8

John 15:2. Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit He takes away; and every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus uses the image of the vine and the branches. This is a familiar parable to us. Jesus tells his disciples that he, Jesus, is the “true” vine and his Father is the vine grower. And if his Father is the vine grower, He is responsible for growing good grapes that will make good quality wine. Jesus also says that the vine grower will prune us. Painful as this seems, this pruning will enable us to bear more fruit.

However, who wants to be pruned? Do you? For myself, I don’t like it when I am being pruned! Typically, pruning entails loss and pain. Personally, I prefer to be left alone. However, if I am not pruned, the consequence is that I will not bear good fruit.

Life prunes us all the time. And most often, we do not like the pruning. Being pruned is typically painful and difficult. Yet, after a period of time, we may come to realize that this pruning has enabled us to bear fruit in new and different ways. We also may begin to experience the new life that has come from our pruning. We may have grown and changed for the better!

The vine grower recognizes when the vines need to be pruned. And the vine grower also realizes that better fruit will grow because the vine has been pruned. Do we trust our “vine grower?” Do we trust that God only desires goodness, happiness and abundant fruit for us? Hopefully our answer is yes! True, it does not take away the pain of being pruned. Most often “being pruned” is difficult. However, if we trust our vine grower and believe that growth and plenty will come from the pruning, we will bear abundant fruit in our lives.

Today and always may we trust our Vine grower. He only desires what is best for us. And He will prune us in a gentle and loving way!

Sr Kristine Anne Harpenau
Sisters of St. Benedict of Ferdinand, Indiana

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