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July 9th, 2023 Bulletin & News


How are you doing today?

How are you doing today? If you were to ask others how they’re doing, the common answer you get is “fine.” However, if you were to ask a homeless person how their day is going, what kind of response do you think you’ll get?

Ask them how things are going, and you will get a very honest answer. I was talking to a homeless person, and he said to me “I made a lot of mistakes in life. Eventually my life started making no sense. I ended up on the streets.” This man continued to talk about his belief that God will one day make all things better for him. “One day it will all make sense.” It is common to experience a time where nothing makes sense. Maybe there was a failure in a business, family, or a friendship. When things fall apart and all seems to be ruined, the answer is that it is time to believe. It is time for faith! If you feel that your life is starting to fall apart, apparently by chance, perhaps because of the ill will of others, or on the occasion of terminal illness, death, economic issues, or loss of a position, take yourself to prayer–Not prayer that is going to help you tell God what to do. That’s not very helpful prayer. God already knows what to do. But prayer that will reassure you that you are in the hands of God. This requires trust! Trust in God does not mean that everything is going to work out just the way we want it to or that everything is going to be back to “normal.” Trust means that, whatever happens, we believe that God is there with us and that, if we cling to him, he will bring good out of that particular situation. In your own life, dark times will come. If they are very dark and bitter, know that you have plenty of company. You might not end up homeless but know that we have a Redeemer who has suffered for us. Christ is the one who will bring joy out of sorrow, hope out of despair, love out of hate. This is our hope. All we need to do is trust!

Br. Jorge Sanchez, OMV


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