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Sep 4th, 2022 Bulletin & News

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God’s ways are not our ways.

That sounds obvious, and we may think that God is arbitrary, that he doesn’t care about what matters to us. But the truth is God cares far more than we can ever imagine, and every one of his ways is directed to our greatest good.

A good coach knows the abilities and capacities of each player, and what they can accomplish together as a team. A great coach guides each player step by step, helping them develop their skills to the fullest, building a team that works together, able to win not just a game now and then, but the whole season.

But often the players only see the grueling morning workout. They hear the same slogans over and over, constant reminders of their guiding principles. Everyone wants to win, but only the coach sees the whole picture.

Or consider a project manager. Everyone wants to put up a solid, well-designed building. But it’s necessary to dig down and make a solid foundation before a single wall can be put up.

At times, all that the construction workers can see is the shovel or the hammer in their hands. But every nail, every step along the way is necessary for the whole project to come to completion.

But suppose an athlete refuses to do the daily workouts, refuses to run the drills, and learn the plays by heart. Suppose the workers drop their tools or decide to use different materials because they don’t trust the project manager.

God’s ways are not our ways, not because he wants something different than we want. On the contrary, God knows and cares most deeply what is deepest in our hearts. And God knows all the steps necessary to bring us there.

On this Labor Day weekend, we might ask the grace to trust more deeply in God, to depend more completely on God, and to take the part he gives in the great plan of our salvation. God has accomplished everything in Jesus Christ, and he wants us to be co-workers in building up the kingdom.

We may not see how our part today fits in the big picture, or what value it has. But he does. With our eyes and hearts fixed on him, may we take up the part of his plan – so certain and so good – that he gives us today.

-Fr. Tom

San Pedro Comms

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